Thursday, January 12, 2012

Miss Bella and her first hair cut

Here's a before picture with the groomer at The Pet Ranch.

She looks a little shaggy ...but adorable!
I wonder I the first to ask .... if I can take a picture?
It was her first hair cut .....I had to have it for the scrapbook.
Here's some after pictures........

Remind me ... start using my real camera and take some better pictures!! My iPhone takes great pictures ...when you're not chasing a puppy around.

And .....the last picture is blurry ...but I had to share it ....her tongue is sticking out :)

I'll share a little secret ....all these pictures were taken with me holding her attention with Blueberries.....she LOVES them (me too). I give her around 8 to 10 a day.

I like her better with the longer hair ....but it's important that she get used to being groomed.

She was so exhausted afterwards that she and I took a nap.....when I woke up she was asleep on Dave's pillow ....don't tell him :)

See ya!

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Anonymous said...

Have fun at Leadership, BUT you will miss this cutie!!!


Diana said...

She is so special and I love seeing photos of her activities! My dog takes a nap after the groomer's, too :)

-Susan- said...

That face is sooo precious! I love the new hair cut!

Karen said...

This reminds me of when I was in high school and we got a fluffy little poodle puppy. The first time my mother took him to be groomed, I came home from school, took one look at him and burst into hysterical tears! The dog ran under the sofa and stayed there. My mother was on the phone and didn't know what on earth had happened to me! I was so sad my fluffy puppy was gone but I got over it and coerced the dog to come out and assured him I still loved him! I adore your precious puppy!!