Weight Loss Journey

I've decided to start a new Diet  ... and I'm super excited!!

My plan is to document this journey ...and publish it after the fact.


Because negative feedback bogs me down.  It depresses me and makes me less motivated.  I wish it didn't but it does.  I think a lot of people are that way.... we hear positives comments all the time but it's that one bad one that we can't stop thinking about.

What diet am I doing and why ....

I've decided to do the HCG diet .... because I need to see results immediately.  If I see results I become obsessed and then I get motivated to lose more.  Plus the thought of losing 20 pounds in a month is very appealing!!

By the time you read this ..... my 30 days will be over.... so hopefully I'll have all good news to share.  If it doesn't go well ... you'll see that too.

Tomorrow is Day one .. I'll explain the details and how it goes.