Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Scratch Frankie

I guess I shouldn't have said anything ...but oh well.... now you know how I really am.  I jump in with two feet and often regret it. Although this time I just stuck my big toe in.

Bird adoption is quite a process and we were told that Frankie would not be a good fit for our home :( Blue-front Amazons are one people pets.  Meaning he would love me ...but probably bite everyone else.  Kinda like how Fluffy & Sissy were more my dogs because I was home with them all day.

I'm sad ...I was looking forward to having a friend in the house ... Dave better watch me closely ..... I find myself wanting to drive to the pet store to buy a bird.

I just really want something to make me laugh and if you watch those videos on You Tube ...those birds crack me up!!! 

We can still adopt but we have to fill out an application and then they'll come to our house to determine what kind of bird would do well in our house.   Since we have to get Dave on board .... don't think that's going to work.... unless Brooke can change his mind.

Meanwhile....I'll look for a different kind of fix ....WATCH OUT!!


Diana Gibbs said...

Hey Angie,
Keep in mind that birds are really kinda sensitive to smells, like cooking pans with teflon and stuff like that, or if you have your house with a pest control company. Plus they aren't as cuddly as your little doggies were. I love my girls (my 5 chickens) and they sure do have personalities, but Toby (our little yorkie) is the cuddler and the spooner....hope you are getting better!