Monday, November 14, 2011

More puppy stuff :)

It's no secret I'm a little OCD at times ...but I'll warn you I'm going overboard.  Still can't sleep.  Had to transfer my body to the sofa last night so my hubby could get some sleep ..... I  read a few chapters of my book to redirect my thoughts from puppy back to sleep.

 I keep thinking about her name .... how she'll do on the plane ... will she like us ... how can I keep her from getting other dog germs ....  and will she miss her brothers and sisters a lot.  In other words I'm a worry wort!!!

We still can't decide a name ....I really like Bella ...but Dave says no.  Chase wants to name her Jigglypuff (one of our favorite pokemon characters from way back).  Dave wants to name her Muffin so he can call her Pumpkin Muffin (one of Brooke's favorite food items).   And Brooke likes Lily & Lady.

Hopefully when we see her darling face a name will jump out at us.  I'd even be happy calling her "Darling" ....but can you see my husband outside yelling "come on darling"?

I think I may be leaning toward Lily.... but when I was growing up we had a goat named Pickle Lily and her baby we named Little Lily.  

See ya!
p.s. I almost forgot the most important thing .... or maybe I already said this ... as soon as we name her ....I'm creating her Facebook page.  If you're not a fan of Facebook I'll still post pictures here but her Facebook page is going to have it all ... milestones and everything.  (I already warned you I was going overboard...I thought about her own blog ...but Facebook is really easy.)


Katie Doggart said...

Puppies are exciting...and in my opinion there is no going overboard. Enjoy your new family member & I cannot wait for the facebook page and all the pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

so where is your new baby coming from, is it a shih tzu?

Bookkeeper said...

Here are some puppy name suggestions:

I think she may look like a LuLu. I'm very excited for you! Nothing like a sweet little puppy to brighten your life!

Anonymous said...

I like Bella the best. Muffin would be okay but not Pumpkin Muffin together.
Enjoy your new puppy.

-Susan- said...

I think you are as cute as all get out! That little "miss" will be one loved canine! Can't wait to hear more about her!