Friday, June 8, 2012

Vision correction surgery ....for a third time!

Today I had my third surgery on my left eye.....and I'm really hoping this is the last! It was certainly the worst.

Both of my previous surgeries were not painful ... The first was slightly uncomfortable ...2nd was a piece of cake. But the third involved them removing skin from under my flap. All that scraping has left my eye very irritated!!!!

The good news is I can go to bed finally and I should wake up feeling much better. We'll see!

Goodnight :)


Anonymous said...

Glad you have the surgery behind you! I'm praying that you do feel much better today.


Shirley said...

Hope your surgery is successful!!! one of my sisters is having major trouble with her she went to the Dr. And it was from her thyroid. She is having several tests done today. She already knows she has a mass, cysts and nodules on her thyroid and afraid it will be cancer. Because of you I am not so worried!