Thursday, June 14, 2012

Size 12

When I started my diet ....I didn't share my weight ....I was embarrassed!!

Even now ....32 pounds lighter ....I'm still considered obese (don't we all agree some man made that chart!!!!!)

I weighed in on April 5th at 201.4 I weigh 168.2.

I've been walking around pulling my pants up nonstop and decided that it was time to hit the mall....I've been avoiding it because I was afraid I had not lost as much as I thought.

I'm happy to say I was wrong!

Yesterday I purchased two pair of jeans that were size 12. And they're not tight...I didn't try a 10 ...I'm saving that for after I lose at least another 5 pounds.

I've been off the diet for two weeks and I've still lost some weight ...but not inches. I think they said yesterday that I had lost 45 inches....that's just amazing!

I'm still avoiding carbs and sugar. But not completely. On Saturday I had waffles and popcorn with butter. So... on Sunday and Monday I had meat and veggies only.

I'm still drinking my two liters of water everyday!! And I have two cups of Beef Broth every morning. (it grosses my husband out ...but ...he's sure happy I've lost weight.)

I've heard from many of you that my journey has motivated you to start your own diet ... And I just want to say Good Luck! And I promise it will get easier!

Here's two things I've said before and I find myself repeating them often.

1. If you set your mind on something can do it!

2. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

Have a wonderful day!!


Ruth B said...

Congratulations, Angie. Do you feel any more energetic after that weight loss? Just wondering. I know it's exciting to fit into smaller clothes!!