Thursday, March 1, 2012


My doctors nurse called me today and they're going to see me next Tuesday and do another ultrasound.

Truth me told I do feel a little knot in my throat again maybe that's just scar tissue or something.

Energy level hasn't gotten any better ....maybe even worse. And the scary thing is I've listened to the doctor and tried to go to bed earlier ....but every time I do that I just wake up earlier. (every time!!!)

I decided that I'm going to beg for a medicine increase. If he just writes a one month script and then checks my blood ....there's no way I can abuse it ...or whatever it is they think well do if it's increased. I think we run risk of over medication ....but seriously how can I with a one month supply?

It's amazing ...... a year ago I didn't even know what a thyroid was!!! I feel bad because I know people told me they had thyroid issues and I never knew it controlled so much.

Before I sign off I have to say THANKS to all of the positive words about my pictures!!!! But ....I've not lost a pound .... Well ....I did but then I gained it back.
Photo booth makes you look thinner ....another reason to buy an iMac :)

I have no energy to meal plan or to even go to the store. Tonight we had a frozen meal and we don't do frozen meals.

Let's end on a positive note .....this too shall pass!!!!

Good night!

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Karen said...

Listen to your body and INSIST on what you nee4d! I've lost too many friends lately and don't want to lose you too!
Karen (Karina0845)

Mary said...

Trust your gut Angie, it will never lead you astray. Hope all things go well on Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Hello Angie,
Hope you are feelinf better. Just wondering when you are going to show us your new haircut?
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

How are you doing?