Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year Day!

I thought I'd check in today and say hello .... on Leap Year Day.

Not much to report ...except my Thyroid meds are not working like they were and I'm tired ...again!  For example I'm writing to you all because I'm too tired to do anything else.  Which is not normal for me!! Regardless of what my blood work says.

I have about five projects I could do videos on ...but I'm too tired.  Maybe tomorrow.

So ...when I get down and out .... I desperately seek something to lift me ... so I got my hair chopped off ... but I'm not showing you yet ... it's soooo short.

But I will share with you the pictures I took before my hair cut ... here's what happened ...I was going to take a picture of myself to show my sister Kim .... I wanted her to give me some suggestions on what I should do ..since she has way more fashion than I do ... but when I went to take the picture ... it snapped four ... after that I decided to play :)  I didn't know my imac could do a collage on Photo booth.

As you can see .... a model I'M NOT !!!!

 These pictures were BEFORE my hair cut :O  Don't have an after picture yet!

Ignore all the mess behind me ... my office is still under construction ... we tore apart the sofa a few weeks ago and now it's out of here ... and I only have one more piece of furniture to put together and then we can start re-organizing.  My printer died last week so I had to go buy a new one last night ....isn't it always something?

Miss Bella is doing great .... she'll be 6 months old next week and I'm already stressing that I have to leave her at the end of April .... for a week ...and again in July.  She's gotten really big ...I'll share some pictures soon.  (She needs a hair trim ...I think I'm going to nickname her Shaggy ...she's sooo cute with them long ears!!)

Gotta run ... going to take a nap before I have to start dinner (Dave will be home tonight ... no eating out when he's here).

See ya!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Miss Bella is five months old today

Miss Bella is five months old today .... 22 weeks old tomorrow.
Someone ask me when I'm going to stop counting the weeks and I said "I'm not sure .... I guess when it starts to sound crazy".

I took a bunch of pictures of her today's a few .....

This one was taken after she chewed up her hair brush ... We call this her guilty look.
If you look real close you can see her piece of carrot under her foot :)

Doesn't she look like a stuffed animal?

Bella was determined to get the hair brush from Brooke!!

Out on the deck ...... she loves being outside!

Tired from all the running around.

I took a bunch more .... but I'll stop here.

See ya later!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Touching base .....

hey there,
I bet you're wondering where I went!!
So ...
here's the latest ...

I went to San Antonio for the Stampin Up! Leadership conference.
It was wonderful!
The weather was awesome!
I had a blast!
And the best part ....
was hanging out with all my fellow demonstrators!

I tell everyone that being a Stampin Up Demonstrator is more than selling product's about belonging and being a part of something.  The classes & clubs are fun ...but the relationships we develop are GOLD.

Miss Bella survived without me ...or I should say I survived without her...Barely!
Anytime someone would ask about her I had to break out my phone and show pictures.

She'll be 5 months old tomorrow and she's almost 11 pounds.  I love her more and more everyday ...even though she's not potty trained yet (we had gone almost two weeks without an accident and then last night she forgot :(

Moving on the next subject .....

The day after I returned from Leadership ... the painter showed up to paint my kitchen cabinets.  They look awesome!! But it was a lot of work to move everything ... all my kitchen drawer contents were all over my house.  If we needed a spoon it was like "wait ...where did we put those".   On the 15th we're getting granite.  Dave has wanted granite ever since it became popular ... and since he's paying for it so I'm in :)   Then over Spring Break we've having our floors redone ...and everything from our main level has to go in the garage :O   (YES, I'm freaking out ...but trying to not think about it!!!)

So ...that explains why I'm not posted on my blog ..... between working, Bella and the home improvements.  I'm stretched thin ...too bad being stretched thin doesn't make you lose weight!!

I''ll try to take some pictures and share them soon ...but I'm not sure you want to see painted cabinets that don't match the counters ... once the granite goes in will look awesome!

Hope all is well with you!!!