Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Miss Bella & the Dalmatian

Miss Bella is 15 weeks old today and I thought I would share this video.

Isn't she funny?

Monday, December 19, 2011

The cutest thing ...ever

She fell asleep in her bed :) I love this picture!!

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New bed

Miss Bella likes her new bed!!

I found the bed at Marshalls.

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Windy day in Kansas

Miss Bella hanging with Chase

She loves Chase!

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1st vet visit

These pictures were taken after her first visit to the vet.

Bless her heart!!!

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Miss Bella playing outside

Oscar the grouch ....not

This was Bella's first breakfast at her new home.

I'm sure she was wondering what was up with this crazy lazy taking pictures of her eating.

In this picture she kinda looks like Oscar the grouch.....she's actually very sweet!!

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Miss Bella's first bath

These two pictures are Miss Bella's first bath.

She did really well and let me bathe her.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Miss Bella's first night videos

We're home

These three pictures were taken right after we got home.

She loved her new kennel instantly!!

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Heading home

These pictures were taken at the airport our car.

Brooke is holding her and she's looking at me.

Giving Brooke kisses. (I was so jealous!)

I got so distracted that when I left the airport I got on the wrong interstate.
I was sooo lost that I had to pull over and google map my way home. I was seriously lost ....and I NEVER get lost.

P.S. if you're one of mine or Bella's Facebook friends .....all this is old news ....we're catching everybody up.

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Must love dogs

Here we go .....
This is the very first picture of Miss Bella .....

I know ...not the best but I was in mom mode and my baby was starving after the plane ride.

We're lucky we had food in the car. The minute I brought her out if the airport she tried to eat a leaf so I figured I better give her a little snack.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

me again .....

I'm decided to post again real quick .... after venting ... I received a really nice email from a customer.

She said she appreciates how much time and effort I put into my blog and that I'm on top of everything... letting everyone know what the specials are ... etc..  

So .. I feel better now ... just hearing from a few people that they get how much I care and how much time I spend working.   I'm not complaining but I really have worked 60 hours already this week (16 was on Wednesday) and I'm still working.  (Just filmed four videos this morning and now the editing begins).

 Just wanted to let you know I appreciate the comments/emails ... and I'm feeling much better!!

Have a great day!
p.s.  I'm going to try to update this site with all the pictures of Bella ...very soon!!   it's so easy to post them on Facebook.  But I know some of you dislike Facebook I'll get you caught up.

Letting off steam

Even though I shouldn't do it ....I've got to vent.

I woke up to the worst emai!

and  .... before I go any further .......

If I failed you this year .... I am SORRY! 
I know ..those people are not reading this blog ...but still I got it off my chest!!

My family will always come first!!
Do people really expect anything less?

What is it with this time of year that people have to take their anger out on someone ..... if you're thinking about chewing someone out ... please wait just 24 hours and if you still feel that way the next day then by all means do it.

I get anger .... and disappointment ...I regularly disappoint myself .... but .... to be mean to someone after the year I've had .... I'll never understand!  Who does that? 
What is that saying?  ... kicking a dog when it's down ...awful!

Since I'm apologizing I'm sorry I haven't updated this blog ... having Bella is such a blessing .... but almost like having an infant.  I'm not complaining ....but combine that with working again and the holidays ... WOW! 

Talk about running on full steam.  My 12 Days of Christmas is going very well and the positive response was just what I needed.  (That is until it came crashing down today with two nasty emails from the same person.) 

Oh well, I'll try to do something fantastic for someone this week and that will lift me back up.  

That reminds me ...Father Breen would always say ... Go spend time with your family and do something nice for someone today.   I always loved when he said that ... I'd like to finish my post by saying the same thing...

Go do something nice for someone today!!


Thursday, December 1, 2011


I just have to share this with you all!  Brooke brought her portfolio into my room last night and when she brought out her self portrait I about flipped.  I had no idea she wasn't capable of this.

Chase is really good at drawing machinery and cartoons .... and Brooke has always been a great photographer and photo manipulator  (photoshop).  But I had no idea she was good at drawing faces.   I know that sounds funny but I remember my mother always being able to draw nature but she couldn't do faces.  But maybe Brooke has a knack for it?

I know it's been a while since I posted .... I've been spending all my time working (trying to get caught up) and spending time with Bella.   I LOVE her so much!  The smiles and laughter is just what I needed to get me out of that funk I was in!!

I think I may have enough pictures of her to fill up a Scrapbook already ....but no time for that!  Brooke starts college in the fall and we're sorta freaking out about how to afford both kids in college.

Gotta run ... need to take Miss Bella outside :)