Friday, September 30, 2011

So far so good

I've felt bad/sick for so long that I felt I had to share that I'm feeling pretty good!!! Every day I get more energy.  And I'm feeling more optimistic! 

I will say I'm still trying to adjust to not having coffee the minute my eyes pop open.  I've been told it's a must that I take my medicine on a empty stomach ... at least 30 minutes before breakfast .... I figured my coffee with all it's cream and sugar is probably considered a meal (yes I like a little coffee with my cream & sugar!!).

I'm forcing myself to take breaks and I'm even eating my lunch in the kitchen (usually eat at my desk and check emails at the same time know multi tasker). 

I was able to work all day yesterday and then last night I watched (on my dvr) Private Practice (love it), Greys Anatomy, Survivor (Brandon has to go) & Vampire Diaries (love the wolf and vampire together). 

Yes I over did it ...should have saved Greys for later ...since it was my least favorite.  Can't believe I said that ... but it's true .... for some reason it's just not as good any more.  I think they need some new blood. oops I go rattling on about  TV programs.  Sorry!  You all get to listen to me since everyone that I know that watches these shows are too busy to talk.  (Yes, I need my sister fix!!)  I need to find a group of people that watch the same shows and then find a place where we can dish the dirt.  I don't know why I want to talk about them ... I just do!!

See ya!

p.s. Sure glad my images reappeared on my site.  I kept my cool and didn't freak out ...but I will admit that if had happened to My Chic n Scratch blog ...I would have freaked out MAJOR :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Scratch Frankie

I guess I shouldn't have said anything ...but oh well.... now you know how I really am.  I jump in with two feet and often regret it. Although this time I just stuck my big toe in.

Bird adoption is quite a process and we were told that Frankie would not be a good fit for our home :( Blue-front Amazons are one people pets.  Meaning he would love me ...but probably bite everyone else.  Kinda like how Fluffy & Sissy were more my dogs because I was home with them all day.

I'm sad ...I was looking forward to having a friend in the house ... Dave better watch me closely ..... I find myself wanting to drive to the pet store to buy a bird.

I just really want something to make me laugh and if you watch those videos on You Tube ...those birds crack me up!!! 

We can still adopt but we have to fill out an application and then they'll come to our house to determine what kind of bird would do well in our house.   Since we have to get Dave on board .... don't think that's going to work.... unless Brooke can change his mind.

Meanwhile....I'll look for a different kind of fix ....WATCH OUT!!

Don't freak out

Just a quick note ....yes images are missing from my Blogger blogs .....not to worry's a Google or Blogger issue and should work itself out.

See ya!

Monday, September 26, 2011


It's no secret I'm a little OCD ...... Or maybe a lot!

So .....I'll share the latest ..... Brooke and I want to rescue a bird named Frankie. He's really cute and he's a Blue Front Amazon. The website says he likes to talk and sing. I love it! But ...I wonder what does he sing?

Here's a picture of Frankie (I borrowed it from their website).

I called the vets office today and told them what I was thinking ....and the vet is supposed to call me tomorrow to tell me if that bird would be a good fit for our house. He's 15 years old ....and on occasion will bite men..... Brooke and I laughed really hard at that and then we both said all the more reason why we should get him. (Dave and Chase are always gone.)

We talked to Dave at dinner and he said "NO".

Not to worry..... We're putting the cart before the horse ....we need to go meet Frankie to make sure he likes us.....then we figure out how to convince Dave ..... And it's possible he may find a home before we even get started.

I told Brooke that if we get him ..... I'm going to create him a Facebook page and make him a star :)


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Medical update

I'm feeing much better and getting over my cold .... my voice comes and goes but that's okay ...... I'm just happy the sore throat is GONE!!

 I saw my thyroid doctor today and he prescribed Levothroid and I start taking it tomorrow.  I sure hope it starts working fast!!

I have ZERO energy!  Just taking a shower and getting ready is like a huge work out for me.  I told my doctor it's like someone stuck in needle in me and sucked out all my energy :)  I wonder if he was thinking "what a nut!!"

It's hard to describe because I'm always going ...and now I can't even go the the store, unload groceries and cook.  I unload a few groceries and off to bed I go.  That is NOT normal!!

Back to the medicine ...I know some of you gave me advice ... I tried to remember it ...but you know it's a lot!  So, here's the details .... I'm to take it in the morning 30 minutes to an hour before I eat.  Take it at the same time everyday and wait two hours before taking a multi vitamin.

If you have any further advice let me know.

See ya!
p.s. Levothroid is the same as Synthroid ..just different manufacturer ...I think :)  We made sure I did not get generic!!

New best friend

Meet my new best friend ..... An Aloe Vera plant.

Have I ever told you I'm at danger to myself?

Like breaking my finger falling up the stairs? And falling out of trees? Third time taught me a lesson ....and third broken bone taught me a lesson.

I was getting ready for my doctors appointment this morning and I'm not sure how or why but my fingers picked up the hot part of the flat iron.

I screamed ..... I yelled .... I cried and then I ran my fingers under cold water. I got dressed real fast and drove straight to Lowe's to get an Aloe Vera plant.

Here's the funny part ...I went to Lowe's with my fingers wrapped in a wet wash cloth and in my car I had scissors waiting....., I was prepared to apply the aloe the minute I got to my car.

I'm happy to report it feels better....but not normal for sure! At least the major burning is gone.

Gotta run.... I leave soon for my doc appointment ....

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Christmas shopping

I know it sounds crazy ..... but since I'm restricted to taking it easy I thought I'd start my Christmas shopping.

First on my list .... a GPS for both of my children (don't worry they never read any of my blogs...remember they're teens).
  Chase is like me and he does okay.  Brooke ..... she has no since of direction.  I don't know how she can be my child and be like that :)  I'm joking of course but seriously I don't think any of us Kennedy's ever get lost.  (After saying that.... watch me get lost.)

So.... my question is do you own a GPS and do you like it?  And why do you like it?  the model number?  would you buy it for your child?

I've had a bad experience with one ...will share that later ...... and I really want to make sure I don't get my children one that won't send them off to space :)

See ya!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Beef broth again

So .....I'll share a little funny's kinda funny in a sarcastic way.

Since I've had a sore throat for the last 9 days I've eaten a lot of beef broth!

Dave got home last night and was leaving again at 10am this other words he's tired and stressed.

I was having my normal bowl of beef broth for breakfast

And with the spoon was driving him crazy .....he finally said "just pick it up and drink it ...there's nothing in there".

That cracked me up ....he's right! And .... now I don't have to spill any of it on me since I'm drinking out of a bowl instead of bringing a spoon to my mouth.

Now everytime I take a sip i think of Dave :)


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Based on my swollen lymph nodes and my tongue and throat ....the urgent care doc says I have an infection. But ...not sure what. The initial strep test came back negative but the final results will be available Sunday.

Meanwhile .....he gave me an antibiotic and some stuff for my mouth/throat.

Guess I'm headed back to bed .....I'm so tired of resting I could scream.

So much for going to see Moneyball and Dolphin Tale :(

(sorry thats my version of a temper tantrum)

See ya!

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Urgent clinic on a Friday

Omg ..... I can't believe it....I'm at the urgent care.

Again I should have listened to everyone that told me to call my doctor.

I see him on Monday and I thought I could wait ....but my throat and tongue feels like someone took sandpaper to it!!!

I'll let ya know :(

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Thursday, September 22, 2011


Holy cow....I used this FoodSaver for the first time today and I was afraid it was going to explode.

It didn't .... But I wasn't sure what was going to happen.
I think I'm really going to like Daves Fathers day present.

He's wanted one for years freeze all the fish he brings home. Of course once we got it I haven't seen any fish :)

I'm going to ask him about that when he gets home!

See ya!

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Another one....

So yesterday I kinda over did it..... Not sure how since I barely did anything.

I took a shower .....went and had some bloodwork done at the hospital....ran to the post office ....stopped off at one store and bought just two items.....streamed live on UStream for about 40 minutes.....checked some emails and that's it. The rest of my evening was watching Xfactor and shows on my DVR.

Brooke and I were watching Xfactor .....and we loved it! The 12 or 13 year old girl (1st on the show) was amazing. The 42 year old woman made me cry and the last dude ...28 year old trash collector broke my heart. I pray he stays clean and does well! I love shows that bring out all sorts of emotions!!

Okay back to the point of all this.....Brooke broke out some cake donuts and who doesn't love them! Anyhow I took one and started to eat it .....except would not go down my throat. Scared me terribly.....I then proceeded to feel around my throat and I've found another knot. I have no clue what it is....I'm trying not to panic but it really bothers me!

I'm sure getting a cold like what I've got can't be good....have I done some damage or is it something else.

I already have an appt Monday so I'm not calling ...but its going to be a long weekend of waiting.

I was so sure I was past all this stuff .....maybe it's nothing but some swelling.

Changing subjects .....I never got my four legged friend fix .....that cat food sat on my porch for two days and he snuck up last night and ate it ....I heard a "meow" took off running and he was done eating my food and running home. I called his name ..... he ignored me.
Brooke laughed at me ....again. She said just go get a new dog....I then proceeded to explain why I can't.
I would like to be able to visit when I want and return it when I want ...kinda like a grandparent with grandchildren :)

Gotta run and start dinner....maybe I'll share tonights recipe later.

See ya!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Update on the Google+  ....if you want me to add you to my circle ..... I need your name and your email address.  When you post a comment doesn't give me your email (not sure why).


Monday, September 19, 2011


Are you on Facebook?
Are you a fan of my Chic n Scratch business page?
Are you a downline of mine?

I'm testing the waters over on Google+ and I can invite some people to join me during it's beta testing.

I think it's like Facebook ....but just getting started and you can't join without an invite.

So ......let me know if you want an invite and include how you know me.
I'm trying to make sure I invite people that will communicate with me we can fully test the waters....ya know what I mean?

See ya!

P.s. I promise I'm taking it easy and resting ...the only thing getting a workout is my thumbs ...using my iPhone.

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Ever since I had surgery I've been having some crazy dreams!!!!
This morning I woke up after dreaming that Dave brought me home a kitty cat was so little and cute and he brought me a hummingbird. What a hoot! It was all normal until the hummingbird :)

Need to insert here ..... I LOVE cats!!! But Dave is VERY allergic!!! There will be no cats in this house ....even though I would love to have one.

What brought the dream on was last night our neighbors cat was looking in our front door. I of course ran out to pet him and then I couldn't resist giving him a piece of bacon (leftover from breakfast).

After I had the dream .....I decided to buy some cat food on my next run to Walgreens.

I feel too bad to work ....and was feeling lonely I sat on my porch and spelled his name with cat food.....I've called his name but he hasn't shown up yet.
Maybe tonight Santa will return ....yes that's his name ....

P.S. I know I shouldn't be feeding someones cat .... But I just can't help myself. Hopefully they'll forgive me when I tell them. Who knows maybe I'll attract a raccoon or a fox....please don't let it be a skunk!!

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Beef Broth

I've been sicker than a dog the past few days and the only thing I wanted to eat was the beef broth they feed me at the hospital when I had thyroid surgery.

So I called my sister Kim and ask her "how does the hospital make their beef broth". I'm pretty sure they don't boil bones :)

We both decided it has to be beef soup base. Only problem was I didn't have base .....but I had Beef Granules.

And guess what...... After I added some salt and pepper it tasted just like the hospitals beef broth.

It may not look that yummy to you but it's just what I needed with a sore throat!!!

After three days and nights without sleep I finally got some last night. Thank God and the makers of NyQuil.

Gonna try to work for a few hours and then head back to bed.

See ya!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm in St George

I made the decision to attend Founders Circle and I'm so glad to be here. I had dinner with some ladies that were very nice and I'm so thankful they helped me out.

Somewhere along the way today the whole right side of my body starting hurting. Even lifting a glass is painful. Not painful like I need to rush to hospital but painful enough it scares me will I feel tomorrow? I'll make sure I take it easy.

Here's a picture of my lovely room.

See ya later...

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Friday, September 9, 2011

My scar

My doctor did a fantastic job! Look how good my scar looks ....almost three weeks after surgery.

PS ignore the lack of a smile ....I'm not unhappy I just like to not smile in pictures. know it's strange but I've always been this way. Truth be told I make so many expressions all my pictures are usually horrible.

See ya!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I heard from several people that had a similar surgery as my question is to those ladies.

How long did it take to to feel normal or to have your strength back?

It's no secret I'm not a patient person I'm just wondering am I being a whiny baby or is this normal?

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1st day back at work

I worked for eight hours today and barely got anything done. Every task I started seemed larger than life and I kept moving from task to task. In other words I basically went in circles.

I'm back in bed and tomorrow is a new day!

I said last week that I would make a decision about Founders Circle today ......but I'm going to wait a couple more days and see if I have more energy.

On a different note...... Season Four of Sons of Anarchy started a few minutes ago .....looking forward to Tuesday nights!!!

Good night!

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Monday, September 5, 2011

I did it!!

I looked on my Stampin' Up! activity statement and I just noticed I earned the Fiji trip a couple days ago. How very exciting! I sure hope I get to go! Since we weren't able to go on the Alaska cruise and I'm not sure about the Disney trip I feel like I'm due for a Stampin Up vacation..... but we'll see.

My goal to earn the trip was October and I achieved it a month early.  Now that the career plan changed ..I received points for going to Leadership, going to Convention, sales and downline promotions.  I owe a lot of thanks to a lot of people.  If you're one of them "Thank You!!" 

I don't usually share this kind of info because I never want to sound like I'm bragging ...but since I've shared so much gloom & doom ...I figured it was time to share some positive things in my life. 

I read each and every comment a couple times ....sometimes even more and although the last few months have been difficult ... I'm still a very blessed person and I'm not forgetting it.  My husband is employed, we have a roof over our heads, we  have our health (for the most part) and our children are doing well.  For years and I do mean years prayer every night was please let my children be happy in their hearts.  As long as they are happy .... everything else will work itself out!!   They are both doing well and that means I am too. 

Speaking of Chase .... today is his third day at Best Buy fact he's worked 24 hours in just three days.  I'm very proud of him!! and I enjoy when he gets home from work and I can grill him about his day.  His very first day ... a couple behaved badly ...lucky for Chase his supervisor was there to handle it.  But also on his first day a gentleman was very nice and even gave him a compliment. 

I remind him every day before he goes to work that there are people that complain about their jobs every day ...don't be one of those people.  Concentrate on the positive and you'll do great. 

Gotta run ...I at the very least need to check some emails today!!

Power of Prayer

For the past several months I've shared some pretty sad stuff. And before I go any further I just want to say I love you all and I appreciate your kindness and prayers.

I'm a huge believer in the power of prayer and I thought I'd share with you a time when I experienced a true miracle.

I've always been a writer ...even though I'm not that good.  Doesn't matter ...I like it.  I wrote short stories very early in life but not sure what happened to them when my parents divorced.  Next I started writing poems ...nothing major but it was a way for me to express myself..... it was a release for me and at the time was very important (before husband and children).

Can't remember my age but would guess I was 22 ....I worked for a lab in Nashville and everyday I drove from hospital to hospital ... I was on the road for 8 hours every day (maybe more).  And there were times I found myself writing ...and driving ...just notes know what I mean?  I carried with me a brief case with a dictionary and all my poems and lots of pens and paper.

One night after work I stopped by 'The Wrangler"  it was the local hang out (also known as Bar) for us Country Music Fans.  I need to insert here ....the Wrangler was the place before Country Music became so commercial .....I remember when the Wild Horse Saloon opened and that was for tourists ...the Wrangler was for us local folks that enjoyed sitting around chatting and listening to music (remind me to show you pictures of myself with a whole punch of country music stars .. for example .... Clint Black... don't forget we're talking late 1980's or early 90's).

Back to the story ...I'm not sure why I stopped by .... I think my friends ask me to ..... I know I was tired and I wasn't going to stay long was just going to be a drop in and say hi and then leave.  And that's what I did .... except when I got to my car someone had busted out my window and took everything.  My camera, my purse, cassettes, my granddaddys knife, my class ring, the list goes on and on... my most favorite jacket ever!  and my camera had pictures on it that I will never get over losing.

I was crushed and scared ....they had also gotten the spare keys to my apartment.  There was no way I could go home alone ...what if they were there waiting for me?   So I went home with some friends and tried to sleep.  It didn't happen ...all I could think about was my stuff and how stupid I was for leaving all that in my car.   After a few hours of tossing and turning it hit me ... my briefcase with all my poems were gone.  They took that too ..... you can imagine how I felt.  I gave up sleeping got in my car and drove to my apartment.  Once there I lost it .... could not stop crying will I live without all my poems?    I got in the shower and just stood there crying and then started praying and I said out loud "Lord please give me back my poems ... please ....just have someone throw my briefcase over the balcony of my apartment".  In my mind it was the only way I could visually see getting them back.

  After the water turned cold ...I got out of the shower and no sooner that I stepped out of the shower my phone rang ..... it was a lady that said she had found my briefcase in the dumpster right down the road from her house.   Can you believe it?   I drove over there .... gave her $20 for calling me and I got just what I ask for "my briefcase with all my poems".

I was angry for the items not returned to me but I got exactly what I ask for ..... and I was humbled that God loved me enough to answer me at the very time of need.  That meant he Loved me and found me worthy to answer my prayer immediately.  How many times do we pray and we think we're not heard ....lately I've been guilty of feeling I'm all alone again ...but then I went to see the move "Seven Days in Utopia" and it woke me up.  We'll talk about all that later ...but I get it.  I'm awake and I get the message .... I always say things happen for a reason and sometimes you have to hit me over the head so I can see it :)  

Since I've shared all this with you ....I'll share a little poem I wrote when my sister was pregnant with her son.

His name is Kelsey & he'll be here soon
He'll make us laugh and cry like a toon

It's been months but seems like years
And the first thing we'll see is his little tears

We'll count all his fingers and his toes
and before we know he'll be in daddys clothes

I'm going to be an aunt and it's so exciting
Who's first to hold him we'll all be fighting

I may have left out a verse  .... it's sad to say right this minute I'm not sure where I've stashed my poems. 

Have a great day and try to do something nice for someone you love!!

p.s. It just hit me of the other items the thief took was my Dolly Parton cassette and it had her latest song "He's alive" ....she sang that song at the CMA awards in 1989.  Click here if you'd like to see it on You Tube.  It's a very moving song and gives me chill bumps every time I hear it!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I woke at 5:42 today and I could hear Fluffy breathing ..... I think it was a sign that she's okay.
A few days after Sissy passed I heard her scratching on my window (like she always did when she wanted inside).

I'm going to head down to my office today and see how many hours I can work.
I have to make a huge decision...... I'm supposed to leave for Founders Circle on the 13th but I'm not sure I can handle the traveling.

The good news is I'm finally pain free....except when I yawn or if I go to long without drinking.

Triple movie day was just what the doctor ordered ....but next time I need to make sure I skip the sad movie. I had no idea that one of them was going to be horribly sad.

I saw Crazy Stupid Love ....loved it. One Day .....liked it but should see it when I'm not already sad. Seven Days in Utopia.... Wow, what a movie I'm glad Brooke joined me for this one. The message was amazing !!

See ya!

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Saturday, September 3, 2011


For years I've whined that Sissy and Fluffy wouldn't let me sleep in.....and I do mean YEARS!

I am not a morning person!!

And today I wake up at 6 all on my own. Ironic isn't it?

It brings a smile to my face and makes me cry.

I'm getting out of the house today so that I don't cry the entire day.
It's going to be a double or triple feature day at the movies..... I wish they had released some blockbusters this weekend!

Have a good day!

PS thanks for all your emails and prayers!! I'll be okay ...

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Dear Fluffy

Rest in Peace our dear Fluffy!!  We will miss you!!

If you've been reading my blog you've seen my posts regarding Fluffy.  She just kept getting worse and everyday she was developing new problems.  I can't really go into all of it but we could not keep letting her suffer because we didn't want to say goodbye. 

Fluffy was my first inside dog and I'll never forget all her silly ways!  Just a few minutes ago I found myself putting my purse on the table and then it hit me .... I can put my purse on the floor ...Fluffy isn't here to dig out my gum and eat it.  She was always getting into things ... like going into Chase's room and finding food.  Just last week she stole his hamburger and one of his friends french fries. 

We will miss her .... but now she's with Sissy in puppy Heaven.

Have fun girls ....we love you & miss you!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I created a Angie Everyday Twitter account. Not sure why.....I guess I needed something to do. All this laying around is making me stir crazy.

Next on the agenda .....I need to add the feed from this blog to my Twitter account.

Just a may not want to subscribe or read all my ramblings. This blog is me sharing/venting/rambling ... You know what I mean?

For example I'm about to vent .....tonight is elimination night on Big Brother and football has taken over CBS .....and now Big Brother doesn't air until 2am. (thank God my DVR can record it.)

I'm desperate for something to watch and now the one and only show I had for tonight is not available. Bummer!!!

I guess I'll go see if I can find another book to read.


P.S. My power nap was fabulous!!

My neighbors

I'm very blessed to have my neighbors!!

They've been providing us dinner since my surgery .....and today they picked me up and we all went to see The Help. It was my 2nd time to see it and it's one if those movies you could watch over and over (just make sure you have some Kleenex handy).

As for the sore throat ....still got it ......and the outing wore me out. So I'm taking some medicine and a power nap!!!

See ya later!

P.S. Tonight is Big Brother and I hope they vote off Shelly (for lying to Jeff & Jordan....regardless of the excuse). It just hit me...I haven't talked about my shows in a while ....but you know I still watch them. Survivor starts soon and I cant wait!!

Testing new app

I'm testing a new app .....again .....let's see how it handles loading a photo.

Some yummy fruit my neighbor brought me :)

Fluffy & Blogpress

Yesterday I couldn't get Blogpress to work ....or I should say it wouldn't load pictures. It kept telling me to check my connection ....but if I removed the photos it would post.

So, I'm doing a little test this morning with my iPad.

Here's a picture I took of Fluffy I took over the weekend. I decorated the picture with another app :) (gotta love all the apps!!)

See ya later!

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