Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yucky day

I have a horrible sore throat today. I'm not sure it's related to my surgery. It hurts to talk and to swallow.....and I didn't have any trouble talking after my surgery.

And since I'm a big baby I've been laying in bed boo hooin. There's nothing on TV to distract me so I decided to look at some new apps for my iPhone. I instantly found a collage app and decided to give it a try.

Here's a collage of Sissy.

And......Fluffy is getting worse ..... I seriously never thought her health would go so fast after losing Sissy.

Several have ask what's wrong with Fluff. We honestly don't know. We've taken her to the vet and they don't know. We've tried several things and nothing is working ....except keeping her sedated. We thought she was missing Sissy ....then discovered she lost all of her vision in her only eye. And where they removed her eye last year ...that area is bothering her a lot. Shes crying almost non stop and hiding in really weird spots.

Here's a picture of her hiding behind the ficus tree.

She's completely lost in the house....and nothings moved. It's like something is wrong with her brain.
As most days she laying right here beside me ....crying....until the meds kick in. And to top it off when I feel bad it's almost like she's even worse.

Sorry for the gloom and doom post ... Let's call it purging :)

Good night!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday update

My visit to the doctors office kinda threw me for a loop and it's taken me 24 hours to wrap my brain around all if it.

All is well.....except the doctor said the cancer word and after that I think I stopped processing .....or maybe it was just me on pain pills.

The long story short is the thyroid diagnosis is papillary microcarcinoma.

The doctor said that the cancer was removed and that there's a very small chance it would return. Because of the small risk he said we would check it with an ultrasound in 6 months.

I'm thrilled I don't have to re do the surgery right now but a little fearful of the future.

I'm lucky my stepmother works for an ENT in Tennessee and I sent them my pathology report and I was advised the very same thing.
Not that I doubt my doctor but we've been taught to fear the word cancer and then I hear "let's watch it". I just wanted to be safe rather than we all remember how many doctors told us Chase had tendinitis and all along it was a tumor.

So I drove the first time today (to get the pathology report) and I checked emails for a few hours. It totally exhausted me ...... I just woke up from a two hour power nap. I say power nap because I was seriously sleeping!!!!

Signing off for now .....

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday update

Just a quick update. Not much to report except I tried to go off my pain meds again and I gave in tonight. I just couldn't take the pain any longer.

Dave washed my hair today and Chase dried it. Again I'm thrilled to have clean hair!!!!!

Our neighbors are providing our dinner every night and I'm so very thankful. I hope I have the opportunity to repay their kindness.

Times like this makes me really miss my family!!! But they're calling me everyday and making sure I'm taking it easy.

I'll admit I'm having withdrawals ....its been a week since I set foot in my office .....and a week since my iMac was on. I'm a all or none person and if I go in my office for even a minute it will take me hours to drag myself out.

As you can imagine I'm going a little stir crazy! I thought about having Chase or Brooke take me to the movies but I can't eat popcorn (I'll choke on it) and I'm not strong enough to resist.

I've spent hours watching coverage hurricane Irene and I started watching the HBO series Games of Thrones. One of the guys from Lord of the Rings is in it. The series is a bit much for me but I'm desperate. I think I may start the X Files tomorrow. I never watched it when it was on.

Tomorrow I see my doctor and I think he's removing my stitches. I can't wait to soak in my bathtub again!!! (I know most people say take a shower but I love relaxing in my garden tub).

See ya later!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Testing Blogpress

This is a test to see if blogpress is working...if not I'll be testing a new app in a few minutes.

Well, I guess it worked.  Blogpress needed an update ....after I installed it seems to be working.

The picture above is one of many bowls of Jello I ate in the hospital.  I think it was orange flavor .... they had strawberry, orange and peach.  My favorite was the strawberry :)

Signing off... time for another nap.

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Nothing much to report's my day (Thursday).

My wonderful husband washed my hair in the kitchen sink...I can't get my neck wet and there's just no way to wash it by myself. It sure feels great to have clean hair again!!

My friend Sandra came over for a visit and she brought me lunch from Chipotle.

Our neighbors brought us supper and we sooo appreciate it!! Dave is taking care of me, Fluffy and pretty much everything.

I toyed with the idea of not taking my pain pills and said that yesterday was going to be my last day ....I take it back!! I woke up this morning and it really hurts ... I only took 3 pills yesterday ...what was I thinking? As soon as I eat breakfast I'm taking a double dose. (Don't worry's okay if I take two).

Last but not least .... our dear Fluffy is not doing well!! She's crying almost non stop and she won't leave my side. We bought a new kennel for my bedroom so she could be with me (truth be told she sleeps by my bed on the floor and on occasion she goes in the kennel.....we leave the door open so she can come and go).  I took this picture because it looks like she's hugging her pillow. Bless her heart!!! 

I tried posting yesterday ....but the BlogPress app stopped working.  So, today the only thing I have on my agenda (besides sleeping) is finding a new app to create my post.

Speaking of apps .... I'm very sad to hear Steve Jobs resigned from Apple.  I sure hope he's going to be okay!!!!   I was really looking forward to what he was going to come up with next. I love the ipod, iphone and ipad!!!

Have a great day!!

p.s.  Stay safe my east coast friends!!! I hope the hurricane Irene loses its power.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Rey and Melissa sent me these flowers ...aren't they beautiful!!

Good night!

The third day

Kim and Daddy left around 7am and I miss them so much!

I gotta change the subject fast....I discovered that crying hurts my throat (a lot).

Next ...

Every one says that the third day
after surgery is the worse. I guess they're right.
Yesterday I had more pain on the inside and today I have more pain on the outside. I'm looking forward to felling better tomorrow (day 4).

See ya later!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm home

They took the dressing off and the doctor said it looks good.

I just got home....and I'm signing off to take a nap.

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iPhone blogging

My sister took this picture yesterday when I was blogging with my iPhone.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Out of surgery

I'm out of surgery and in my hospital room.

The doctor told my family the surgery went well and we'll know if it's cancer within a few weeks.

I'm doing okay .......other than a sore throat ...but I had a rough patch there for a while. The nausea was AWFUL. I woke up with quite a bit of pain and without nausea .....but the nausea got really bad when they wheeled me to the room.

After trying a few things....they gave me some wonderful drug in a drip and it worked .
Thank God I was really whining and I'm sure it was worrying Kim, Daddy and Dave!

And can you believe I had a HORRIBLE headache? The drip fixed that too :). But I can tell it's lingering out there and can come back any moment.

I already have a story for y'all ..... I don't remember it because of the meds but after they gave me the medicine to make me sleepy I got the hiccups and they were powerful ....I'll have to ask Kim for the rest of the story I've already forgotten.

Gotta run....about to take another nap.

Thanks for all your prayers!!!!

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nervous wreck

It's official I'm shaking in my shoes! I try so hard to be an adult ....but when it comes to medical stuff I'm a big baby!!!

I keep looking at the clock and thinking "this time tomorrow I'll be ??????". Not sure ...hopefully l'll be sleeping with zero pain.

A word of warning.....who knows what I'll say. Without pain meds I'm a very wordy person.... On them who knows what I will say. All I ask if don't put too much stock into it!

Gotta run ....four more loads of laundry before Kim and daddy get here. By the way I forgot to say I'm so glad they are coming. Some would ask "what exactly can they do". It's not about the physical's a mental thing.

Later :)

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

the last week

My life this year has suddenly turned into a country song or a soap opera. I'm not sure which but I'm at the point that I'm embarrassed. My life is usually pretty normal...that is ...until this year.

In the past week I've had to take fluffy to the vet twice. She's not doing well all!!! Sissy was such a huge presence in our house and Fluffy has gone down hill ever since. She's hardly eating, her eyesight is completely gone and she moans and cries almost non stop. First we tried anxiety meds ....that made it worse. Now she's on pain meds .... They make her sleepy and the moaning/crying has slowed down. We're still not sure what's wrong....I hope she turns around soon! I can't even think about losing her too!

Next on the list..... My mother was taken to the hospital by ambulance. I guess she couldn't move her legs and she couldn't talk. Kim and Deanna have taken turns at the hospital and she came home (went to Deannas house) Wednesday night.  They were told she had a mild stroke and she has some
blood clots that can not be operated on. It's been an emotional week because I'm over 600 miles away and I'm sick too! And it's hard getting the whole story since I'm not there.

Now back to me ..... All of a sudden my neck became uncomfortable and I discovered a nice size knot. I called my doc and they called in an antibiotic far no change other than the medicine is tearing up my stomach!!

They said it okay for me to have the surgery.....maybe the knot is related to what is going on....especially since the knot is about two inches away from the mass on my thyroid.

Last subject ...I think
I went back to the foot doctor yesterday and got another round of shots. He said we need to stay aggressive in the treatment if I want to be pain free. I'm all for that!!!
The MBT shoes I bought are the best shoes to wear but take some getting used to. I'm just happy that every step I take isn't painful! They are ugly and look weird but I can walk :) I told
Kim it's like I'm walking on the moon ....I've almost fallen several times but again I'll deal with that to be pain free.

I should start a new post here....but I'm not :)

Enough with the medical stuff!! Let me share my latest obsession. I found a show that I really like and I hope it sticks around to finish the story. Every time a network pulls a show without an ending it's like someone took a book out of my hands and didn't let me finish. I'm losing patience with the networks and have decided to stop watching pilot seasons ...if they get a 2nd season then I'll attempt to watch it. Mine and Brooke's favorite new show from last season isn't coming back. We're sad to see Off the Map get the ax.
Maybe I should have talked about it more. Yes it had flaws but don't we all?

Okay so here it goes new favorite show is Sons of Anarchy. It's on the FX channel and season four starts sept 6th. I watched seasons one and two (24 episodes) in less than four days. Netflix is great for watching past episodes! Only catch is season three doesn't get released til aug. 30th ...the wait is killing me!

A word of warning ...the show is for mature audience ...some scenes are hard to watch. Language is out of control ....but I still love it. The main character Jax was in the movie "The Ledge" with Liv Tyler (I lover her) and after I watched that show I googled Charlie Hunnam and found the Sons of Anarchy.

Don't be alarmed ....I'm a reader, writer and a watcher :). Sounds funny ...oh well .... Kurt Sutter is the writer and I read his blog this week and he said back in 2008 Charlie would be a movie star ....he has all the qualities. I totally agree!! Let's not forget about the rest of the cast ....there is some serious talent in this show! All the actors are sooo good!!!

Okay signing off now ....have a good day!

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I'm back

I've decided to start writing on this blog again. Because I love to write I actually started a paper journal but it's so much easier to type these days!!! So I'm back this blog will allow me to share my upcoming surgery stuff.

My surgery is scheduled for Monday morning at 7:15am. And I need to be at the hospital at 6am. Yuk I'm no morning person :) But I am looking forward to getting the surgery behind me!

I'm going to end this post and start a new entry.

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