Monday, May 16, 2011

Chase update

I'm happy to report Chase is doing better every day....thank the Lord!!  He's still non weight bearing but the wounds are looking a little better.

Today I found myself counting the days until June 7th .... that's the day they'll take Xrays to see if he can start putting weight on it. 

This week would have been his last week of high school ...but instead he's finishing up here at the house.  Turns out it's been a Good Thing ....he worked on school work for over five hours today.  I've never seen him focus on school work for that long ......ever!!  I'm thinking ..... did that surgery do more than fix his ankle?   I'm just kidding ..but it did cross my mind :)   It's probably due to the fact that he and I are home alone and it's quite .... all that noise at the school  can be very distracting.

Well, I gotta go ....Stamp Club is tomorrow .... two times .....along with conference call at 8am & the house cleaner is coming at 10 ...add that to taking care of myself, Chase ... two dogs and the bird.  I'm wearing myself out and the day hasn't even started yet :)

See ya!

Friday, May 13, 2011


OMG .....something is up with Blogger.  My blah blah blah post was gone ......and I found it in my drafts ...but it was missing parts of it.  Who knows how I ended it...I've re-posted it but it's missing the ending.

I guess I need to Google what's going on with Blogger!!

Blah blah blah :)

I could come up with a whole bunch of titles today.....but what it boils down to ..... Is I'm all out of sorts..... Or I got the blues!!
I think that's the problem :)
It's not un-common for me to have days that I run around like a chicken with it's head cut off .....or have a sad day here or there .....but it usually only lasts a few days and then I'm back to normal.
But ......let's face it ....I'm no spring chicken!!
I guess all those nights of no sleep is catching up to me .... Remember I always say when it rains it pours and sometimes floods?
That's how I feel right now....any subject that you can think of makes me sad.
What the heck?
Have you ever heard that if you write something .... it's like purging it?  Let's hope this does the trick.  I've started several posts and abandoned them ...but I'm sticking with this one regardless of how it turns out.  By now  you should all know me :)

I have so many emails ......I'll never get caught up!  Kim was helping me check them but she got a new job and she's working around the clock for them.   She did join as a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator and I hope one day she gives it a try.  (She was very excited about receiving her kit yesterday.)

Here's my life .......I go to my office to get some work done ....Chase needs something ...back up those 30 stairs ....I go back to my office ....the dogs start barking ... Up 15 stairs I go ....get back to my office ..the phone rings and I left in my bedroom ...back up 30 stairs.  Get back to my office .... Chase needs to take a shower, or something to eat or to go the bathroom.   I can't get a single thing done!!!   If I had small children ....there's no way I could have the kind of business I have.  How can I have a creative thought? Or whip out a card when at this point I'm just counting the minutes until the next interruption?

Chase is doing great and I'm so happy he's moved past the incredible pain....and Thank God we're sleeping through the night again.  I'm not complaining about taking care of him .... I'm happy to do so and I know further down the road we're going to have some real good laughs about this time. 

So, here's the other stress factor ..... Last week .....when things went south for Chase the same time some announcements were made at Stampin' Up! That affected my business ...or I should say affected how much money I will make next year.  On the plus side's increases the potential for my team members ...the wealth is now being spread among many instead of the top 10.

Since I've been in the Top Ten for 2 years in a row ....I will admit I was hoping for a few more.  But you know me ....I'm a hard worker and I'll figure out a way to make up the difference.

At the same time as all that ....Dave was out of town.

And at the same time  .......I noticed other Stampin' Up! Demonstrators were starting to receive their packets for the Alaska cruise.  I earned the Alaska trip in just 4 months .... But had to cash out because it was the same week at Chase's graduation.  Turns out .... it's a good thing we cashed out ..... Because I'm not sure he could handle being in a wheel chair on a cruise!!!  The part that makes me sad is ...I'll miss seeing all my demo friends .....and all the gifts you receive while on the cruise.  The pillow gifts are always the best!!!

There's several more little things .....but I won't go into all them.  Let's just say I'm ready for this phase to get on outta here!!!

Oh and by the way ....for my customers that are reading this ..... You've been so great during all this ...honestly your patience has just blown me away and I will do my best to make it up to you ....but it's going to take a few months (after I'm back at work full time)!!

See ya!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Don't be alarmed :)

 I love changes!!!

I decided to change my blog back to the original colors :)

And.....until I get my head back on straight ....I'll be making little changes everywhere.
I got a much needed break last night and went to see two movies back to back.  Water for Elephants and Something Borrowed.   I loved both of them!!  But then again I love movies!!

See ya!

p.s. I normally don't like movies that are made after I've read the book.  For example, Message in a Bottle was an awesome book!!!!  I hated the movie...I'm pretty sure had I seen the movie without reading the book I would have loved it.   But these two movies ....met my expectations and Water for Elephants exceeded them! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Chase's appointment went okay yesterday ..... but it was painful!!  They removed the staples and stitches and put it in a boot ....but that darn boot doesn't keep it stabilized the way the cast did.

He and I have had zero sleep all night! In fact about 4am I started crying ...I was so tired and he was hurting so bad.  Not sure why we couldn't get the pain meds to kick in.

He's been asleep now for about 2 hours .....the most he's slept since Monday.
It's crazy .... if you had ask me yesterday I would have said he's doing better every day.  But last night was the worst!!

I took pictures yesterday ...but they are to graphic to put on my blog ...if you want to check them's the link to the pictures: or click here to go there.
There's no blood or anything like that but when you see the picture you can imagine the pain.  I'm not sure which is worse ...his ankle or the heel?

The highlight of yesterday was when Dr. Horton whipped out his iPhone and showed me the pictures from Chase's surgery (since I watch CSI & House I've gotten use to seeing all that stuff).  He actually showed me the tumor and everything.  Technology is just amazing!!!

Gotta run ...need some advil or coffee ...maybe both!!