Friday, April 29, 2011

Angry birds

Angry birds has kept us entertained for the past week and I couldn't resist ordering these plush ones for Chase.
The sounds they make are straight from the game :)

Years from now we'll look back at the surgery and think ..... Angry Birds" and watching "House" episodes :)

By the way ..... Netflix seriously needs more instant queue movie choices!!!! We tried Apple TV but our Internet takes about five hours to download a movie. After three attempts I gave up :(

See ya!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm in the mood to talk/type .......

When I'm tired and emotional I find myself always wanting to talk or write must be the journal keeper in me.  I guess it can be said you're either a journal keeper or not ....maybe we're even born that way.  I started my first diary at age ten and look at me now ...a full fledged blogger.   Just saying I'm a blogger still sounds funny ...couldn't there be a prettier name? 

Oh well, Chase's surgery was on Friday and there's lots of details I could share but the one that I want to share today is kinda strange ...... All of his nurses had names that started with M.  His first nurse was  Marley ....she was very nice to us and she was very patient with Chase and I.  The hardest part for me was just leaving him!!

Once we were taken to his hospital room....... his nurses name were Micah (I may have spelled it wrong)...... next was Mina and after that Mike.

Isn't that so strange that they all had names with M's?

I'm just thankful that everyone we encountered was nice and that he came out of surgery okay!! 

I started this post yesterday and then Chase needed me so I put it on draft ...but now I'm back. (Yesterday was his first shower ..... and let me say we've very thankful to the person that invented shower chairs!!)

The past few days have been crazy ...but Chase and I have had moments that we've laughed like crazy...for example I dropped his entire bottle of pills and had to crawl around his room making sure I found all 85 of his pills (yes I'm keeping track of how many pills I give him everyday).  Next .....was one of his trips to the bathroom .....resulted in him banging his head against the wall accident of course!
Then ...this morning .....he accidentally whacked his cast with the crutch ..... when he did that..... he had to say "he is my child"  :)

The biggest laugh of all has been .... the doctor called this morning and said it was time to take out the nerve block thingy .... dang it ...I'm the person that has to have my husband hold my hand at the dentist. Why is he always out of town when I need him?
So ...Chase starts to pull off the tape ....and proceeds for the next 10 to 15 minutes making Jim Carrey sounds and expressions.   At this point we're both wondering if maybe his leg should have been shaved...let me just say..... I warned him the removal of tape would be as painful as the surgery.  Maybe not quite that bad but you know what I mean.

Once he removed the tape was time for the catheter  ..... I had to walk away a few times and Chase said I'll do it ....and then he proceeds to pull it out.  Turns out it wasn't so bad after all ....I bet when I ask the doctor "if there was any way I could screw it up" made him laugh when he got off the phone with me.  Or maybe all the episodes of House we've watched this week has me thinking all sorts of weird stuff.

By the way ..... we've brought Brooke over to the dark side .....she joined us yesterday on our House crusade.  She even instructed us that we can't watch another episode without her.  That's not realistic ...what are we supposed to do all day?

I bought the series Firefly and I'm trying to convince Chase to watch it with me ...but we're reluctant to start knowing that it ended with season one ...just like Moonlight.  That reminds me .... what is Joss Whedon working on now?  Dollhouse ended last year ... and I haven't seen his name come up lately.  I guess I have a new subject to google or bing.

If you're trying to figure out who Joss Whedon is ...we can thank him for Buffy the Vampire Slayer ....and I'm pretty sure he did Angel as well ...or maybe he started it and then departed.   Can't you tell when the writer changes on a show?  For example after the writers strike a few years back ....the writer for Moonlight changed ...of course we all knew it ...but we still loved the characters enough to deal with it (Watch the first 6 episodes and compare them to the last ....night and day different).

Remember the title of this post?  I'm in the mood to talk or type ..... I was totally telling the truth!!
While we're at it ...I had a thought ....I'll share it with you how many people lost interest after the first two paragraphs of this post?

My sister and I were talking yesterday about new TV programs and how they decide what shows to air.  We're both huge Friends fans and we both love Chandler (real name is Matthew Perry ...or that's his famous name).   But ever since Friends he can't find a hit .... I'm pretty sure it's not him.  Much like Alex O’Loughlin after Moonlight (Hawaii Five O works for now but we miss the dark and dangerous...and the romance).
So, here's a thought .....just maybe whoever is in charge of pilots ..... they need to start running them by normal people.  Sometimes a fresh perspective is what they need.  For example ... Mr. Sunshine .... I hate to say much as I wanted to like it .... I did not!  I love comedies but it was more than that was crazy....and not in a good way.  I knew it on the first episode and I forced myself to watch

  Are you cracking up?  Who the heck am I?  No one really ....except that I depend on those shows to distract my brain every night so I can go to sleep ... that makes me a fan of prime time TV ... and who better than me to have an input? 

I think the key is all this is "TRUTH" ... we all want to be nice and that interferes with the truth.  But time and money can be saved if more spoke the truth.  How could you test a show and not know before it's aired that it doesn't fly?  Or is it me?  I know we all have different tastes .... for example some may have hated Buffy and I loved it ...but you can recognize a good show between a bad show .... even if it's not your cup of tea....or can you?  If they were to ask me ...I could do it :)

If anyone makes it to the end of this post ... sorry ....I promise I haven't lost it ..... sitting with Chase since Friday has made me a little stir crazy.....and I'm not leaving his side until we see how much pain he's going to have without the nerve block.

See ya later (if I haven't scared you off)!!

p.s. you already knew I was an opinionated person didn't you?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beautiful Like You

It's been forever since I mentioned Lee Dewyze!!

I found this video today and I couldn't resist posting it on my blog.  I love this song and love his voice.  I'm still not real sure why more albums haven't sold ...but regardless I love his songs :)  I'll admit I do like the slower songs the best!!!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


My daddy :)

Isn't his horse beautiful?

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Hail damage :(

So, last night it was storming something awful and then the hail started.

I really thought it was going to break our windows was so loud that it sounded like someone was throwing balls at our windows.

We discovered this morning that Dave and Brooke have the most damage to their vehicles and Chase has some (I'm happy my car was in the garage with the boat!!)  We need to have our roof checked too.

As we walked around the house checking for damage ...we found the box that I keep on the porch for my
Stampin Up customer orders. 

The wind blew it off the porch and the hail created the big holes :O  Scary isn't it!!  That's how hard the hail was coming down.....good thing I wasn't out taking a walk :)

See ya!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


So....I have a funny story for you today.

I buy these Bisquick mixes for days when I'm in a hurry and need to make Chase breakfast really fast. All you do is add water..... shake light crazy and pour on a hot griddle.

This morning I went to make pancakes and as I was filling up the Bisquick thingy I was hit with Deja vu....and not a pleasant one.

I caught a whiff of the water hitting the mix and it smelled just like when I used to fill the bottles for the calves we bottled feed every morning before school.

I had to step back for a second ....and then I decided maybe I was wrong and stuck my nose closer ....yep I was right!!

But.... we'll keep that between us.....I wouldn't want Chase to stop eating Pancakes because I think it smells like Calf formula :)

I bet some you didn't know I grew up on a fifty acre farm....I'm for sure a city girl now!!!!

Have a great day!

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