Tuesday, March 29, 2011

American Idol

I know I said I would post this sooner.....
My favorite this season is a girl.
Just like last year I gave you my top three
and my top three were the top three
in the exact order :)

But I'm no expert ...just my opionion based on the type of music I like and maybe the personality a little bit.

My Top 3 favorite for season 10 is
1. Lauren (southern girl and I love her voice and her spunk)
2. Paul (sounds like Rod Stewart)
3.  Scotty/James  - I'm really struggling with third place.  I'm pretty sure Scotty has a career as soon as the show wraps up...his voice belongs in Nashville.  As for James ....his type of music is not my cup of tea but I want him to do well for emotional reasons.  (If you've ever known a person that suffers from tics you know they have zero control ...the fact that some are making fun of him ...well .... they are just plain stupid and that's not a word I use very often.)

I think all the singers are talented!!  But I make my decisions based off my taste of music.  I think some of other people have amazing talent ...just like Crystal last year ..but I wouldn't buy their CD's.  My favorite last year was Lee and I bought his album (itunes and the CD). 

Gotta run!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

iChic n Scratch

I can't believe I'm doing it ....but I am.

I started a new blog called iChic n Scratch.

Here's the profile picture I posted on my Facebook Fan Page.  Click here if you'd like to go there ....but a bit of a warning ...that site is mainly about electronics, ipad, iphone, macbook, domain mapping...etc.  If none of that interests you ...you can skip it ....no hard feelings.

So ....this new site came about ...like this.....

I was in my childrens orthodontics office waiting (twice in one week) and one of my friends came in and we started chatting about the ipad.  And she said "I've been wanting to ask you what are your favorite apps?" Well...that's all it took  ...I was on a roll showing her all my favorites.  Thinking about it now I probably drove the rest of the people in the lobby crazy ....but what can I say?

I love electronics ...probably as much as stamping ......I know scary thought. But to be honest I think I could just say "when I like something I love it".

When my friends (& some family) have a technical question ...they come to me.  Five years ago I couldn't figure out how to use itunes and now I'm giving advice and running an online business.  How awesome is that?

Click here if you'd like to go to my iChic n Scratch Facebook Page.


Family stuff

One of the reasons I've not posted as often on this site is I've been spending more time with Chase and Brooke.
I said last year that now that they are 18 and 17 (Brooke will be 17 in a few weeks) I'm started to freak that my time with them is about to be limited.
So, Brooke and I have been going to movies and watching TV programs together.  Chase and I are watching episodes of House and chatting.  I'm trying convince him to stamp with me ...I think it would be a hoot. 
And I've been dealing a lot with the medical stuff with Chase.  I'm happy the doctor found the bone tumor!!   Instead of re-posting all the details here you can read it on my other blog.  Click here for the details.

His surgery is schedule for April 18th and we'll have him on homebound for his school work.  I'm thrilled that his resource teacher is going to be his homebound teacher.  That will eliminate a lot of stress!! 

Gotta run ....

Friday, March 11, 2011

Apple store

We r in line for the iPad2 ...been here since 9:50am.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yummy cupcakes

U ready for a laugh?

Jennifer brought me some yummy cupcakes for my birthday and it's an assorted pack....and I could not decide which one ...so I tested them all.

Here's the before and after :)

My favorites were the strawberry milkshake, the orange and the white.

And heres my birthday present from Dave ....he doesn't know it :) I learned a long time ago to do the shopping for him. We all laugh about it ....hopefully u will too!

Have a great day!!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Darn bug

I hate to say it ......I got a tummy bug!

I hope it goes away soon!!!!!

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The latest on Chase

This week he got his braces off and here's a picture of the door.

Dr. Klein's office writes their names on the windows when they get their hardware and when it's taken out.

Its been a long time.....Chase has had hardware since 8th grade....but we all agree the end result is beautiful!!
Maybe he'll let me take a picture of his teeth soon!

We also took chase to KU Medical and the six month wait was turned out to be a good thing. The doctor was very good and it appears he wants to find out what's going on.
He's got a boot on right now and in two weeks he'll have an MRI and see the doctor again. After that we'll see the spine specialist.

I have tons of stories to share
....of when my sister was here but out of time today...... Its supper time.

See ya!
ps looks like posting from my phone works.....yippie!!
Ps2 yes I'm watching American idol ...we'll dish the dirt soon!

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Testing my iphone

So......I'm testing my latest app on the iPhone.

I'm using the BlogPress app and I need to know if it works well......if so.....I'll be able to post more often.

I'll be back later to share more stuff :)

One more test .... Can I share a pic?

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