Monday, February 7, 2011

How to do a French Manicure

Believe it or not.....I get a ton of questions about my nails :)
So...I decided to share how I give myself a French Manicure every week.

I've been doing them since I was 20 ....dang that makes me sound old....25 years sounds like a long time :)

The ticket to straight lines for a French Manicure is the Flat Brush. 

I free handed it for years!!! But now that my eyesight is can be a challenge!!   

You can find all the Essie products and Stickey Base Coat at Beauty Brands and the Flat Purse and the cute little jar to hold the polish remover at Sally's Beauty Salon. 

See ya!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kansas Blizzard

As most of you heard .....or are experiencing it yourself.....we are having ourselves a Blizzard.
Yesterday we had a tad bit of ice/sleet or something but when we woke up this morning we only had a's 10 or 11 inches later.

On one hand I enjoy days like this....but...when I'm already behind.  Not so much.  Dave is like a big kid when it snows (one of the reasons I love him) but ....he also drives me crazy!  I say that in a loving way....although when I was chopping carrots & celery this morning...not so much :)

I spent most of my day upstairs cooking.... saying I need to work.  I finally gave up...he wins for today.

Tomorrow is another story....his flight just got canceled ....oh dear ...where can I send him so I can get something done?  I am not cooking tomorrow.....we have leftover homemade chicken noodle soup.  Maybe I can send him out to help pull stranded motorists out of the ditch .....he pulled one out this his big red truck :)

Here's a video of him & Chase shoveling snow ....excuse the could I carry a tripod in that snow? I was lucky I didn't fall over my own two feet!!  

Stay safe!