Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm headed out to the Stampin' Up! Convention

It's been a while since I posted...I've been crazy busy dealing with all sorts of weird things....for example...last week I scratched Dave's truck, knocked a whole in the garage wall and Brooke's hard drive crashed....all in one day! 

Still dealing with trying to get an appointment for Chase.... Feb. 15th is the earliest they had so we're trying to figure out where to go & what to do. 

Family of mine...I will create the photo album soon...I know I promised a gallery for family's coming soon!!

I'm leaving in the am for Convention and I hope I maintained my status (my goal for 2010 was to maintain my title at #5 Demo of the Year, #4 in Sales & #1 in Sr. Associate Promotions).  If not ..... I know I worked real hard and did my best!!

Wish me luck :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Mac Makeup

Today I took Brooke to the mall & all of a sudden it hit me that I remembered watching some smokey eye makeup videos on You Tube.  I don't normally go looking for makeup tutorials....but when someone subscribes to my channel I go to their channel and thank them for subbing.   And that's how I've happened upon Mac make up videos.

 Brooke wanted to go to the bookstore and since I have my books on my ipad......I had some time to kill.  I decided to venture past the Mac counter usual I was too shy to ask them....but they stopped me.  They were nice but not pushy I felt welcome immediately.  We started with some foundation and moved onto my eyes.  That's something I've always struggled with because they are so big & blue :)
I was amazed at the difference...I should have taken a before and after but I didn't think it would be such a difference... before I show you the picture ....I had it done at 2pm today and the pictures were taken around my makeup is over five hours old.....and I bought groceries, unloaded them in the heat, cooked get the drill.  If I had done all that in my old would be gone by now.

Warning......I look like I have bug eyes but I took this picture so Kim could really see the eye shadow :)

Here's one of my whole face :)  Darn, I wish I had put on some lip liner & lipstick!!

I know I need to pluck my eyebrows...I would have if I'd known I was going to the make up counter!!

Here's all the eye makeup I bought.

So, I'll let you know if I'm able to get the look by myself.  She drew me a diagram and made notes for me.

See ya!

p.s. hey Kim....your turn to provide pictures...facebook is okay...just let me see em!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Big Brother

Tune in tonight for Big Brother (CBS).  I think this is the one show that Dave rolls his eyes at me when he catches me watching it. I'm not sure why I watch it...but I do and I enjoy it for the most part.  

Although I will admit .... if the nasty - mean - rude people are ahead I tend to get very disappointed. I always root for the underdog or the nice last year I was totally for Jeff & Jordan (the cute couple that was the underdogs but came up from behind).   

  If you were a Jeff & Jordan of the reasons I like them is they reminded me of myself with Dave.  He's from Indiana & I'm from Tenn (yes .....we love Peaceful World by John Mellencamp ...he sings "up from Indiana down to Tennessee").  Dave's well educated & speaks properly.....not me.  and sometimes I'm really smart and sometimes not very bright. I tell everyone I'm street smart & sometimes I'll add which would you rather I know what I mean? 

Gotta run I'm headed to dinner with some friends and then coming home to watch Big Brother on the DVR :)
See ya!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I loved the movie!  Of course there were moments I didn't.  But lets talk about what I liked first :)

Finally ....some kissing scenes...what can I say ....I like them :)
Loved the conversations between Edward & Jacob.
Loved the tent scene!
Thought Bella looked beautiful in this movie!
The Cullens looked liked they had cake on their face again. What is with that?  Can't they see it or do I have xray vision?  Whoever directs Breaking Dawn one & two....  fix their makeup so they don't look like they have on makeup.  New Moon did better with that.  (can't remember who's directing Breaking Dawn?)
Didn't care for the new born stuff...kinda distracted us from the love story.

Overall I'm excited to go back and see it several more times!!
See ya,