Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lee Wins :)

What more can I say?
I'm happy he was worth the three hours I spent voting.

Congrats Lee!

p.s. Someone out there remind him to release songs that we can hear his voice....maybe Simon could offer some suggestions since he choose Hallelujah. 

too much info warning (aka TMI)

I've been holding off posting all day :(
I've got to stop watching reality TV shows!!!   (in my opinion if the TV producers would put more shows that create an emotional reaction from us we'd watch something else.)

See can already see the direction of my thoughts.

I watched American Idol last night with tears in my eyes.....somehow I knew that Lee would not perform like his usual self.  Go back and look at all his previous performances you'll see that was not the normal.

Okay I'll stop for just a minute... to remind you just may want to skip over this info.  If you've ever listened to therapist....there's something therapeutic about writing something down...then you can move on.   That's what I'm doing before....... I throw up (from nerves).

Back to Lee.....I went back and watched every single song he sang this season.  He had a sparkle in his eyes ....but last night he did not.  What the heck happened? 

 Dang it would someone tell him that he needs to sing songs that are not drowned out by the band!!!! Update on 6.9.2010 ...if you listen to his CD Slumberland (on itunes) he knows what he's good at.  He was doing what he was told.

Before I other thing about him that pulls my heart strings .... I've been told my whole life to smile more.   It's not that I'm not happy I just don't smile that often......I never have.  I actually laugh more than I smile.   Lee has been told so many times to smile that now you can hear him defending himself that he's happy.

Gotta go....need to get more work done so I can sit and watch the finale.....I hope Lee wins and I sure played my for three hours straight!!

See ya,

p.s. hey Kim, sister of mine...did you get the video I sent you?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vote for Lee

Tonight's the night ..... your last chance to vote for Lee Dewyze to win American Idol.
If you love his voice....please cast your vote tonight!!

I've read a bunch of stuff online in the past few days and because Lee stepped into the front runner position......the Crystal fans are rising up and encouraging everyone to vote.   

They are both good singers...but I want Lee to win and I love his voice!!!

Here's a video of  Lee & Crystals audition with American Idol.

See ya,

Friday, May 21, 2010

ipad & Skype

Oh my gosh!!! 
I love to learn something new!!
Today I learned not only how to use Skype but also how to use it on my ipad.
I actually had a chat and a phone call .....on my ipad :)

Important thing to remember you can make a phone call on your ipad by making a call from computer to computer.  If you enter a phone number you'll need to pay.

As an example, you can chat with me..... my screen name is chicnscratch or you can call my computer.  I love all this new technology!!

Now for the hardest of mine...sign up for a free Skype's very easy and I can walk you through it if you need help.

Now for a laugh....remember a few months back when people were poking fun at using the ipad as a phone...they were holding this big device to their ear?  Well I did it today and you don't have to hold it to you ear.  You just hold it up :)

I'm not sure if it makes a difference but I'm using the wifi + 3G ipad.

See ya!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I scare myself

You will not believe what I did today!! I stepped on a needle and it went over half way into my foot...the worst was..... I had to pull it out :O   Normally if Dave was home I'd yell and scream and cry and he would come running to help me (because we know all I have zero pain tolerance) but he was out of town.
I tried pulling it out...but it was in there good :(   I got it and you should have seen the blood....yuk!!!

Have you noticed a least once a month I get hurt in some fashion?   Is someone trying to tell me to slow down or what?  I get the message I just need to work it all out :)  And can you believe my pinkie finger is still numb on the left side? 

See ya!

p.s.  who out there can admit they watched Lee more than twice on You Tube today?  Kim...if you don't call me soon so we can chat about him I'm going to be mad at you for a long long time!!  I'm kidding of course but dang I need my sister fix.  Back to Lee..... you know what it is that I love about him....his look of absolute wonder that we all love him.  I know he has to think he's going to wake up and all this be a dream.  I think not....his voice rocks!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Favorite Flower

The following pictures are my Peonies :)  

 And........yes I planted them....Dave tries to take the credit but my neighbors can confirm that was me all those years ago (before I started stamping & sewing).

See ya!

Go Lee!!

I was on pins and needles during American Idol....for a couple reasons.   I was keeping my fingers crossed that Lee Dewyze would be in the final two and ....I was scared we were about to lose power.  The storms started right around the time the show started and our lights even flickered a few times :O

I'm happy that Lee made it and will repeat my voting next week!!

See ya!

Lee Dewyze


Do you watch American Idol? Do you vote? I voted for an hour last night for Lee. If he doesn't win....something is wrong!! Look back thru this blog....he's been my favorite since day one :)

I love his version of Hallelujah!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

should come with a warning

Have you tried the Mocha Frappa at McDonalds?   OMG.....they are sooo yummy they should come with a warning...."they are highly addictive"  :)

I can't have Dairy products .....but this yummy drink is worth hours & hours of a tummy ache.  I sure wish there was something I could take that would allow me to have dairy products....but I've tried everything!!   I thought almond milk was working but I've since developed a reaction to it too :(  bummer!!

Oh well, never mind about me.....let me know if you've had one and what you think.    (hey you love them or what?)

See ya,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

what can your ipad do for you?

Everywhere I go people ask me how I like my ipad.  The answer is it's the best thing since sliced bread!!  (the Kindle & my imac was at the top of my list but not any more.)

The apps are sooooo amazing!!
Here's some examples:
  • I can stay in touch with facebook & twitter now.  Those apps work great!! I spend so many hours on the computer working and I've had a hard time getting around to facebook & twitter....but not anymore! 
  • I keep track of all the books I've read with the GoodReads app.  For example when I finished my book today I instantly open the app and added it to my list of books read and added my rating on the book (I gave it two stars out of five).
  • Birthday app....I can keep track of everyone's birthday in one location.
  • Movie Fone app...check movie times.  This app works great....Brooke ask me why was I using my ipad when my laptop was right beside me and I said "watch this"....  it pulled the movie times up lickety split.
  • Evernote & Awesome Note...I use both of these apps to make notes for my blog posts.
  • My latest app is home routine.  I haven't used it but I'm excited to give it a try.
  • Videos....when we were flying home from our cruise Chase & I watched two movies on it and I read my book for a while...the battery actually lasted longer than ten hours.
  • When I was in Barbados, the bar off the beach had free wifi and I whipped my ipad out of my bag and checked my email real fast.  Note to restruants & bars out wifi will draw people should have seen all those people with laptops.  I would freak out having my laptop near all that sand & water!!
 I better stop here or I may scare you.  If you have any questions about the ipad I'd be happy to answer them.    The only negative thing I have to say is I haven't figured out how to print an email from it. Right now I save it to a print folder and then open that folder on my computer and print it from there. 

See ya,

Chase & Brooke

 Here's a picture of Brooke & Chase on the Cruise. 

They may be brother & sister but they're as different as night and day.  Chase will give me at least one hug a day if not more...Brooke will not.  Chase will probably live with us for a long time...Brooke will run as far away as possible (although I'm hoping we can change her mind).  

See ya,

Bad hair day :)

Getting a decent picture of me is like finding a needle in a haystack!!!  Seriously :)

I thought that I would come home from the cruise & have at least one photo I could use on my didn't happen.  For now we'll stick the picture that's posted....even though it's two or three years old.

Here's three of Brooke's attempts .....I wanted to say darn that wind...but truth be told it was so hot I was thankful for the breeze!!!

I don't usually share photos of myself like this.... but I'm pretty sure that hair will make you laugh :)  Any chance Photoshop can fix that?

See ya,

Friday, May 7, 2010

Cruise pictures

Here's a picture of Dave & I......I'm not sure which Island this was.    They were all hot & sticky!
We left Chase & Brooke on the boat and ventured out by ourselves. We had some yummy Conch Fritters at this place .....can't remember the name of it either.

See ya!

p.s. hey Deanna, are you proud I have an orange shirt on instead of white? Truth be told it was kinda hard finding white shirts this spring.

so so behind

This morning I found it difficult to get out of bed :(  I'm so behind on everything that I feel like I may never get ahead again.   Dave was like why are you still in bed at 8am and I didn't say anything (I was thinking if I can't say something nice or pleasant it's best I keep my pie hole shut).   I could have said why get up when I know I'm just going to be rushing through the day trying to eliminate more stuff off my to do list.

My goal is to work smarter not harder but truth be told I'm a hard worker...I'm not real sure about the smarter.

Next week when I'm feeling more myself I will probably delete this post.  But today I'm feeling overwhelmed.

Sometimes when you help other people, you end up helping yourself.  I know by sharing my feelings....some of you will agree that you feel the same way.  Some would say misery loves company but I say it's nice to not feel alone.   The way I think has always been different than most and when I find I'm more normal than I thought ..... it makes me happy.

Have a great day!!

p.s.  All day everyday I just want to get out my sewing machine and make something. I have a new purse idea ...I want to finish my Stitch with the Chick program...I want to finish my table runner and even try my hand at making some curtains.   But work stuff comes first.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

American Idol

Did you watch American Idol this week? 

If you look back several posts favorite since day one has been Lee Dewyse!!   And this week sent me straight to itunes to download his songs. 

I love his voice and could listen to him all day long!!   The songs I downloaded were Beast of Burden, Fireflies, Chasing Cars & Lips of an Angel.

What I found shocking was he has a few CD's out there.  But in my opinion his lovely voice was hidden behind the musical instruments and you could tell he needs American Idol to go to the next level.     

My whole family gets really mad at me when I start forming opinions because I have no musical talent.  But the funny thing is I'm usually right and that makes them even madder.  I guess they think I'm just guessing but seriously I love music and even though I can't sing a lick I can recognize a good voice.

Lee & Casey James remain my two favorite...... but I want Lee to win.   Casey James sounds to me just like Bob Seger and I would love to hear him sing one of his songs....could he pull off Turn the Page?  Not sure....but maybe one of his other songs.  

Why do I want Lee to win and not Casey.   Where do I begin?  Lee has the voice but it appears that he's had a rough road and his self esteem has taken a hit.  I have always been a sucker for the underdog.  In saying that ....he's not really an underdog because he has the best voice of the bunch....there's just something there that pulls my heart strings.  Plus.....  we all know Casey will end up with a record deal and possibly more.  He's too cute for words and seems to have a good personality.  I think he'll do fine and probably has people lined up to sign him.  Although I think he needs to fine tune his Harry Connick's not pitch problems times he's sang off tune....but I'm sure that will be a thing of the past real soon.  

I'll stop for now.....I have a million things to do and have about 50 things I want to blog about but I need to get to work!!

See ya,