Friday, April 23, 2010

Chase & Brooke

I was going through my pictures today so I could load them on my ipad and I ran across this picture of Chase & Brooke in Hawaii last year.
Doesn't Chase's hair kinda match those trees?
I almost used this for our Christmas card last year but I was afraid that not everyone would find it funny.
See ya later,

my blog post

Hey there,
I need to clarify a few things before I head out of town.
This is my personal blog that I share with my friends and family. If you disagree with what I say or what I share, I am truly sorry!!! We are all entitled to our opinions. When I post on this blog for my friends & family and I feel comfortable being me ...just Angie... on this blog.  If you post negative comments I will delete them...since this is my personal blog I will not allow the fun to be stripped away by negativity.  If you know already know I have no ill will towards anyone or anything.  My wording sometimes is off....but I mean well.

So, I need to clarify what I said.....I did not say Red Door stinks, I said it gives a headache like no other.
Same as makes me very sick...but I would never say it stinks or is bad. I just have a negative reaction to it that I can not control. I wish I could!!

I apologize for any ill feelings!  

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Caribbean Cruise & ipad

We're headed to the Caribbean compliments of Stampin' Up! 
We're super excited and will need the vacation after the week we've spent getting ready to go!!

No cell phones & no internet for a will I survive?

Update on the ipad .... when I get back I have more info to share with you.   I've had a few people ask...which one did I buy.  I got the one in the middle.  Not the cheapest and not the most expensive.

And....I am in love with the apps!!  I downloaded the Kindle app this weekend and now I have all my Kindle books on my well as my ibooks.   I love all this stuff!  Dave said I should just go work at Apple (would they hire me?).

Did I tell you about how he keeps telling me he's going to get me a belt clip or something to go around my neck to hold my ipad?  what a hoot!!  That thing is too heavy for either....but maybe for Halloween I might do it :)
I've wanted to make a ipad clutch or bag like my Kindle clutch but I've been so busy lately I haven't had a chance.   Maybe when I get back from vacation.

See ya in a week or so......

Chase candy

When I burned my finger a few weeks back.....Dave had to drive me across town to the only pharmacy in our area that was open 24 hours.   As we waited for my prescription we walked around & shopped.  And to our surprise we found some Chase candy :) 

I instantly snatched it up and couldn't wait to give it to Chase!   Can you believe he ate the whole thing in one setting?   Teenagers!!!  I wish I had bought myself some too :)

See ya,

p.s.  Speaking of burning my finger....I burnt it because my right arm has been hurting me for a few months and I've been trying to use my left arm/hand more.  Reaching into a hot oven with my left hand...not such a good idea.   If it had been my right hand I probably wouldn't have touched the hot element....from now on I'll make sure I have the oven mitt on!!

Moon Pie

This week when I was at the grocery store I saw a huge display of Moon Pies....I had to do a double take!!  Moon Pies in Kansas?  Say what?  

Oh my gosh....of course I had to buy some!  Since moving from Tennessee I haven't had one....unless I was in the South.

If you've never had gotta try the Banana (my favorite) and if you put it in the microwave for a few seconds it's all warm & yummy.  

See ya,

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sweet 16

 Brooke turns 16  today :)  shocking isn't it?

Here's a picture of us on the day she was born.  This is our first picture together.....she was a couple hours old.

Here's a picture of her when she was just two months old. I love this picture...her cheeks were so chubby and her eyelashes were so long.  Everyone that saw her had to squeeze her cheeks!!
And here's a picture she would approve of me sharing....her surfing lessons in Hawaii last year :)

See ya,

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Isn't she cute?

I caught her napping in the sun by the front door and I couldn't resist snapping her picture :)  I wish she hadn't jumped up so fast...the picture of her in the sun was super cute!!

See ya!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I'm using my iPad to create this post. We'll see how it works.

Here's some quick notes about the iPad.

I love iBooks so far. Can't find anything to complain about. I love how it has the page numbers. That was one of my arguments about my kindle. And I love how quick you can the font size. Not that it takes forever to change it on the kindle but it does take a few additional steps.

Next the bed the light on the ipad is great. Although in the sunlight the kindle wins that one. But do you read more in the sunlight or more at night?

The next thing I super excited about is the app for good reads. You can download that app and it keeps track of every book you've read. Considering I read an average of three books a can imagine my list!!!

I'm signing off for now......I'm sure I'll have more to share tomorrow.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

ipad video

Here's a video of me opening the box & some of the features of the ipad.

What can I say?  I love it!!!


My ipad is here :)

Here it is in landscape.

I'll be back later to show you a video :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

my ipad

Every day I've been tracking my ipad and it shows it's in Kentucky right now :)  I get chill bumps just typing it!!

But I'm a tad scared.....when the news said we may have storms tomorrow all I could think was oh no please don't let it delay the plane or the truck that has my ipad.

If you've read The Secret .....repeat after me "Angie's ipad will arrive safely on Saturday April 3rd (preferrably in the morning)".  Now say that a hundred times :)

Okay, don't let this scare you but since we're on the subject of "The Secret".  I say "it doesn't hurt to try it".  Some have said the book is full of whatever.....and I'm not sure how I feel.  I do believe in the power of prayer and those that know me well know how spiritual I am.   But, what if there was a little truth to "the Secret"?  That all it took is you believing you could do something?

I say ..... try it :)  I told my sister a year ago to try it. I think she forgot.  But I'll share this with you.  

Since I have crazy luck (not calling it bad because sometimes is crazy in a good way) I tend to think negative, but I want so badly to be positive so I surround myself with motivation books, CDs & tapes. I listen to everything I can to keep me straight.

Two years ago I was a struggling Stampin' Up! demonstrator....go back even further to three years ago and I was very close to quitting. I won't go into all the details of why but let's just say I tried everything and it just wasn't working.
But, things changed....I started my blog, online ordering began, I started asking for sales, I started sharing my goals, I started believing in myself and I said to everyone I'm going to try to be in the top 10 of the company.  Now, why would I think that ....when the previous year I wasn't even in the top 100?   That just might be the's all in how you think?

Give it a try and let me know.   But here's the thing you can't pretend.  Read the book or watch the movie.  You have to believe it can happen for it to happen.  
I'll tell you ...just like I told Kim.  What does it hurt to try?

See ya,
p.s. Last year I was #5 Demonstrator of the Year, # 4 in sales and # 1 for Senior Associate promotions.   What's my goal for this year?  .....repeat for sure!!!


Time for a funny story :)

This past week I've caught myself saying ya'll and some really off the wall things.  Or I should say phrases that I used to say but since moving from Tennessee I stopped.  
For example "winda"   I was 37 years old before I knew that window ended in dow instead of da.   If I was saying it out loud versus typing'd understand.

Anyway.....this week I said winda and ya'll multiple times and it was starting to freak me out because why would I all of a sudden revert back.

So,  I was telling Kim last night that I was doing that and I told her about the dude that was at my house the other day & I said ya'll and he laughed.  And all of a sudden she said what book are you reading?   OH MY GOSH!!!  That's it.  I've been reading to Chase every night and if you've ever read "All the Pretty Horses" you'll understand why I'm all of a sudden talking like I don't have a lick of sense in my head   (okay I took that phrase right out of that book ....I'm sure).   I don't usually like saying anything negative but someone please tell me what that book can teach my 17 year old. Other than how to swear and put God's name in vain.  I personally think it should be removed from the reading list but oh well.  After I read to him I then explain that we all have different taste and personally I dislike it (okay I'll admit I said the hate word). 

  Is it possible I'll change my mind when I get to the end?  Give me Nora Roberts, Nicholas Sparks or James Patterson any day of the week!!   

Changing subjects now......

  Brooke & I just got home from her swim meet and she & I both agreed she was better this week.   Not anywhere near the other girls but she's making progress.  I'm so proud of her!!

Dave is in Texas this week and I miss him!!  We're having a hard time adjusting to him being gone all the time.  It reminds me when the kids were little and I was on my own a lot back then (he was in sales).  We are so thankful for a job but it's like he's never here and when he is here he's tired from his traveling and he's getting ready to leave again. 

This week the smoke alarm starting going off due to a low battery and all the light bulbs burned out in Brooke's room.  I broke the smoke alarm trying to get it open and dinged the wall with the ladder.   Why is it that things always happen when he's not here?
I could fill a book of those stories!!  

Gotta's time to read to my dear Chase.