Tuesday, March 30, 2010


 It's official....I got my shipping notice from Apple and my ipad will be delivered Saturday.  
I was counting the days before the shipping notice...but now I'm really counting the days!!  
Apple released ipad videos this week....check it out http://www.apple.com/ipad/guided-tours/.

See ya :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear Trish

Best of luck to you on your surgery tomorrow!! I'll keep you in my prayers!!

Take care

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I was watching the Today show this morning and Curt Schilling and his wife was there speaking about their son with Asperger's.  It was great hearing their story and I'll be rushing out today to buy the book.   
" The Best Kind of Different " is the name of the book & I could get it for my Kindle...but I'll want to mark it with my pencil and highlighter. 

If you have a child with Asperger's or know someone who does.  It looks like this book contains a similar story to ours and maybe even yours.   

See ya,

Friday, March 12, 2010

American Idol

Who's my favorite American Idol this year?

I've had several people ask me so here it goes.....

My favorite is.......
Lee DeWyze

I really like Crystal & Casey also!!
I think Crystal could already be a star and Casey reminds me of Bob Seger (I love Bob Seger).  A few times his voice has reminded me of Kid Rock.

 I think all three will be future stars :)


Happy birthday to me :)
I just ordered the ipad.
I'm counting the days until it arrives.
And I probably won't be able to sleep on April 2nd
knowing it will arrive on April 3rd.
Now I just pray that Fed Ex delivers in my area on Saturdays!!

See ya!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tennessee bound

I'm taking Chase & Brooke home for Spring Break and I'm super excited to see my family!!

I'm also excited to see how many fabric stores I can find in route.  I'm doing my research now and I know I'm going to owe Chase & Brooke something....for all the pit stops I'll be making.

All those years of living in Nashville and I don't even know where a fabric store is...but I will soon :)

In route to the High School

Dave took Brooke to swim practice Friday morning and they saw two Coyotes and a bunny.   What a hoot!!   I saw skunks and he saw coyotes :)  I'm not sure I can compare that to he gets green lights and I get red lights....can I?

See ya!

My Bracelet

I've worn the same bracelet on my right arm for over 12 years....I've rarely taken it off.  Since it's sterling silver it doesn't hurt it wear it 24-7.
Yesterday I caught it in the arm rest of the Jeep and broke it.  Darn!!!  I loved that bracelet.
So, the reason I'm sharing this little story..... isn't to complain so much as to share a story with you.

As I said I've rarely taken it off..... but a few years ago I had to remove it for my surgery.  I'm not sure where I put it....but after my surgery I couldn't find it anywhere.  I thought I had put it somewhere safe...so safe that even I couldn't find it.   

A few months passed and as I was walking to the mail box .... I looked down and there was my bracelet all covered in mud.   The charm my friend had given me was gone but my bracelet was okay.
I was so happy to have found it!!!!  But how the heck did it get there?  I know I didn't drop it on the way to the post office when I remember removing it for my surgery.  

  I lost a coin ring several years ago (when Chase was a baby) and to this day I still look for it.  Not sure why..... we've lived in 6 houses since then :)  For some reason I keep thinking I misplaced it and it will turn up.

Rewind thirty something years ..... when I was a child ......my daddy gave me some money when I passed from one grade to the next....I put the money in such a safe place that I didn't find it for a whole year :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Final update on Fluffy

We got the news yesterday that Fluffys test came back okay. They want to do blood work again in a month to make sure everything is back on track.   She's adjusting pretty well...if I had posted this yesterday I would say she was back to normal...... but today she's been all out of sorts....whining all day and running into everything.  But it could be she feels what I feel and I've stressed her out.

If you have pets....you know what I mean! I swear on the days I'm the most stressed....they need me more than ever.   Dave was on a conference call yesterday and he needed the house to be quiet and our bird would not shut up :))) I was laughing....I told him that some days I can't get anything done because of the pets, children or the phone :)))

See ya!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Brooke & I had a good laugh this morning so I thought I would share it...but you might not think it's that funny.

Today was the first day of me taking her to school for Swim Team at 5:30 am (can you tell I want to complain but I'm so happy she's trying a high school sport .... I'm keeping my mouth shut). 

So, on the way.....we encountered two skunks and one was running really fast across the street and the other stunk really bad. 
Brook said to me "why are skunks out so early in the morning?"  What could I say?  I had no clue so I made up something.
They have to get out & do their business before everyone else....they're really stinky.   It was totally funny at the time but re-telling it .... not so much.

So the question is....why is it that we only see skunks when it's dark outside?  If you think about it...how many times have you seen one in daylight?  

See ya!
p.s. I took my first sewing instruction today .....oh dear I'm sooooo in trouble. My sewing machine is getting higher & higher on my list of favorites & getting closer to ranking up there next to my Mac & Kindle!!  I told Dave tonight "how can I go to Tennessee next week & leave my sewing machine?"   He looked at me like I'd lost it :)  (maybe I can fit Brooke's little Janome in my suitcase :))

Monday, March 1, 2010

guess i was wrong :)

oh well....what do I know.  Jake choose Vienne.  I  hope they are happy :)  I kinda figured it was her after we started watching it.  I guess he said he was happy with his decision last week......because of all the negative stuff being said.   how sad to start out that way!



I can't resist talking about the show.
If you're not a reality tv show fan......
I totally get into a few of them and love to talk about them with friends!!

So...most of you already know I over analyze everything.
That means I've thought about this a ton.
I've watched the body lanuage.

My take on it is
Jake chooses no one :)

How I made that decision was based on the body language from the Women tell all show last week.
He said I'm happy with my decision....he did not say I'm in love and we are engaged.
For a person that always is smiling...last season I called him Mr. Smiley.
He was not smiling last week.....something is up.  I think :)
I could be wrong :)

I have a few friends joining me tonight....it should be fun!!

Last time I predicted Ed from the 2nd show...he was my favorite & it looks like they are still together :)

See ya!

Status on Fluff

Just checking in.....Fluffy is doing much better and adjusting very well.
I took her in Friday for a new pain patch.
Last week reminded me of when my children were babies....just as I was falling asleep...I would get woken up :)
I'm happy to say we're back to sleeping through the night.
You may not realize at the time...but lack of sleep can really do a number on you!! I'm not sure how I survived when Brooke was  little (we all laugh about it now....my little tornado that moved faster than any of us).  Maybe that will be my next story...sharing all the times my darling daughter scared the life out of me!!!

See ya

oops...p.s. I've not heard on the biopsy or the tests they ran on Fluff :(