Thursday, January 28, 2010

ipad versus Kindle

I seriously can't stop thinking about the ipad.  

If I could buy it today, I would. 
I'm going to explain my way of thinking......

I'm a person that loves technology!!  we are who we are :)
I've wanted the iphone since the day it came out..... but my cell phone company doesn't have it :(

I bought the itouch and I love it but public wifi is limited.  Notice how I said wifi?   Does that answer your question on which ipad I'll be getting?  As much as I want the brand new ipad in 60 days....I'll be holding out for the Wi-Fi + 3G version.

reminder ...this is my way of thinking :)

Will the ipad replace my Kindle?
Don't think so.
The ipad is a whole media package....movies, email, internet, music, ibooks, photos & Calendar.   (You should watch interview with Steve Jobs & Bill Gates on You Tube in 2007, it's a 12 part video & it's very interesting!!)

Back to my point....the Kindle is just an e reader (I know...... it can do other things but who really uses those features).  I like how simple it is.... it's almost like holding a book.... just thinner (no, I don't miss the smell of books).

Why am I going to buy the ipad?
I support all of the apple products! 
I still can't believe I said a few years ago that I was too old to make a computer change. 
Scary to think I may have never experienced all this amazing technology. 

Back to why I'm going to buy it.... or I should say what are the features that excite me the most :)
The Calendar looks just like what I've been looking for, here's a picture of it....
I love how it's we get older, larger print is better!!!

Next is the email feature
I love my Macbook but the weight of it restricts where I can take it and what purse can hold it.  
Here's an example......going to the doctor or dentist office.... the ipad will be the perfect size to take in my purse....just like my Kindle (I never go anywhere without it).

As much as I like my current cell's small and it's slow. I don't complain because I'm just happy I can google anywhere I go but to be honest I want more!! 

If you're considering the ipad versus the Kindle and want to chat I'd be happy to share more of my views....long story short.  I will own both :)

See ya :)

p.s. I have a thing for phrases & I wanted to share something that Steve Jobs said on one of his interviews.  I love it because it applies to my business!
Here's his words (but maybe not exactly)  "You need to have passion for what you're doing because it's so hard ....any rational person would give up." "If you don't love what you do, you're going to give up."  

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Purpose of this blog

I created this blog months ago when it came to me that I like sharing stories.  
As a southern person....we love sharing stories & listening to them too!
Some of my fondest memories have been with my aunts in South Georgia listening to stories & laughing like you've never seen.
I love a good laugh & sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.

Our family.....has weird luck.  Not bad....not good...but weird.
We say we have it because it always gives us a story to tell.

So, I started this blog to just have fun with it. 
Here's an example of a story.

Since Dave can't drive (or pretty much anything) I've been driving him around.
As we were headed to Best Buy I hit every single red light on the way  and he finally spoke up and said "Wow, you've hit every red light since we left the house" and I replied back "welcome to my world".   I don't know what it is but I seriously hit every red light.  In fact, when I get a day that I don't hit every red light the kids & I are like wow....we had two green lights in a row.
We noticed this a few years back.....we would leave to go to the Lake house and I hit every red light...but Dave would leave and hit every green light and catch up to me.

See ya!